Something is Better than Nothing!

This concept, something is better than nothing, has got to be one of the hardest principles to adhere to.   We tend to think of a workout in terms of length which is not necessary.  Research shows that intensity is the key and it does not have to be hours long!  We/you can get a great workout in 10 minutes if you do it right.  Interval training is the ticket.  Workout hard for a short period of time (10-45 seconds) and rest for a short period of time (10-30 seconds) and repeat for the length of time you have available.  The work phase has to be a solid near 100% effort.


This is such great news for us busy moms!  We do not  have to go out for 30+ minutes or do a video for 30-60 minutes to see results.  On those days that are just packed with activities and you don't know how in the world you will fit in your workout remember this concept and try out one of the 2 10 minute workout ideas below.  One is a running workout (you can also power walk) and one is a bodyweight full body 10 minute workout.  


Carry this principle with you, remind yourself, SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING!  Make it count ladies!


Running Interval Workout

Picture a straightaway on a high school track.  Go outside your house and look up and down your street and see if you can mark off close to that length (no measuring just eye ball it).  you may have to use a block if you street is not that long.  This is so simple.  Perform repeats running hard for 20 seconds (some of you can sprint others need to practice a hard jog, pump your arms, think hot sand, pick those feet up).  Walk for 20 seconds, repeat for 10 minutes.  Easy to implement, yet will be tough on your cardiovascular system.  An easy way to time this is with a Gymboss timer or you can download the Gymboss app on your Smart Phone (this one is free).   


10 Minute Full Body Interval Bodyweight Workout

15 seconds of all out, 15 seconds of rest - each exercise listed below perform twice in a minute and move to the next exercise so 10 exercises total.


High knees  (minute 0-1)

Power Pushups (minute 1-2)

Mtn. Climbers (minute 2-3)

V Ups (minute 3-4)

Squat Jumps (minute 4-5)

Tricep dips (minute 5-6)

Power Jacks (minute 6-7)

Burpees (minute 7-8)

Bicycles (minute 8-9)

V Jacks (minute 9-10)



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