Athena 900 Club Boot Camp Challenge

It is time for our NEW Fall Challenge!  I am calling it the Athena (or Spartan if you want to drag your hubby along with) 900 Club Bootcamp Challenge!  Drag a friend along, remember they get a free week!  I am sure they would love this workout!!


There are 12 exercises, 25 repetitions of each, 3 rounds to be considered the Awesome Athena or Spartan.  You can challenge yourself however you wish, go for all 3 rounds, go for 2 rounds, come and push yourself to go hard for only 1 round, it is up to you!  I will time you for however many rounds you decide to set your goal for.  We will do this same challenge again in December to see what progress you can make.


300 = Oh Yeah!  Good Job!

600 = Rockin Bootcamper

900 = Beast!, Awesome Athena or Spartan


Here are the exercises and you must complete them in this order and the full number of reps. to complete the challenge.


25 Jump Squats

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Pushups

25 Russian Twists (2=1)

25 Skaters (2=1)

25 4 pt. Bridge

25 Bicycle Crunches (2=1)

25 Lunges (forward or reverse, 2=1)

25 Tricep Dips

25 Low Squat In and Outs

25 Belly Blasters (plank position on elbows, lift hips high in air and look at your feet, return to plank)

25 2 Arm Rows with DB


Hope you eat a good breakfast on Saturday and come prepared to kick some butt!


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