Thanksgiving Workout

Thanksgiving Workout 2013
Thanksgiving Metabolic Interval Workout
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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I pray you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving Holiday with your family!


I would not be doing my job if I did not talk about exercise and food before the big day.  My advice for a traditional eating day like Thanksgiving is to eat but watch portion sizes, only fill your plate one time, go for more veggies and plain turkey, 1 dinner roll, 1 small piece of pie (1 TBSP whipped topping), drink lots of water, 1 glass of alcohol, and EXERCISE preferrably when you get up in the AM, first thing.  You will fill so good about yourself.  You will  possibly eat less because you worked hard and don't want to spoil that.  You will handle the stress of the day better (cooking, family, kids, etc.).  You will enjoy the day more because you got that (exercise) out of the way and it is not on your mind.  Those are a few reasons you want to get up tomorrow and get it done!  


Hopefully I can help you do that with this interval metabolic workout.  If done right, you will be breathless and you will be creating a metabolic inferno in your body that will last a few hours post workout.  You want that tomorrow!!


Here is your 2013 Metabolic Interval Workout.  I wanted to keep it simple with exercises that you all know.  Perform 1-3 rounds of 8 exercises, 1 minute each, minimal rest between exercises, 1-2 minutes rest between rounds.  Make it COUNT!! ***You can download and print this too.


Warm up for 3-5 minutes.


1.    Squats or Jump Squats (Level 1:  no jumping, regular squats, Level 2: use your arms for momentum and stand up tall on your toes, Level 3: jump squats)


2.    Pushups (Level 1:  modified, Level 2: full, Level 3 power pushups – in the down position push and power your hands up off the floor and come back to the ground with soft elbows-don't lock elbows is all that means)


3.    Bridging (Level 1:  both feet on the ground, heels close to bottom, Level 2: both feet elevated on the edge of couch or table or stability ball, Level 3:  1 leg off the ground – switch after 30s)-Lift hips up and squeeze gluts for 2-3 seconds and lower


4.    Skaters (Level 1: stay upright and skate over your mat, Level 2:  get low and cover some ground, Level 3:  touch the ground and keep your back foot off the ground)


5.    Plank Series (hold side for 20s, front for 20s, other side for 20s) (Level 1:  modified – knees on the ground, Level 2:  regular plank, Level 3: hip dips on each side and in front alternate raising 1 arm at a time off the ground)


6.    Alternating Reverse Lunges (Level 1: halfway down, Level 2: regular lunges – get the back leg as low as possible, Level 3:  grab weights – hold at shoulder level and when lunge back each time perform an overhead shoulder raise)


7.    Russian Twists (Level 1:  no weight, slight lean back and keep heels on the ground, Level 2:  weight in hand (kettlebell or dumbbell), decline back, heels on the ground, Level 3:  weight and heels off the ground)


8.    Burpees!!! (Level 1: walk through each rep., Level 2:  regular burpee without a jump, Level 3: regular burpee with the jump or even a tuck jump)


After your workout don’t forget to STRETCH!

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