Blogging and Workouts from the past week, Feb. 13-17th

Happy Friday Friends!


I will be honest, blogging has been my nemesis.  I so want to do it but I am afraid I can not stick to a consistent schedule so I have just not even tried.  Well, no more!  I am going to make a plan and do my best to stick with it.  I love to share, teach, inspire, and coach people to make healthy habits a reality and I can not think of a better way then blogging (well in person would be the best but that is not my reality these days:).


I am still formulating my blogging schedule but I hope to blog at least 2 times per week.  I promise to commit to the day(s) I will publish once I get going with this again.  I want to be able to deliver what I promise!


So on with today's post......I get asked all the time about my workouts so I decided to spell them out for you and link up the video workouts I did this past week in case you want to check them out.  


My week was pretty typical in that I had a plan and it did not work out exactly as hoped so I did have to improvise.  I did however stick to my goal to get back to early morning workouts and walk every day for at least 30 minutes.


I love early morning workouts, love the feeling of being done and feeling accomplished before 7am!  Don't think I am superhuman, I do have days when I absolutely do not want to workout but I usually suck it up and get it done.  This particular winter has been tough to get up early.  See I workout in my garage here in the Seattle area because it really does not get super cold (usually).  In fact, my treadmill is in my garage.  I love it because I do not like to workout on carpet and my whole house is carpet and I also love it because I feel like I am leaving the house in a way and am alone.  The problem this winter has been the crazy cold mornings we have had.  It has been just one of those winters and my weights are so darn cold in the morning I can not lift them without my hands freezing.  That is not ideal when you want to lift heavy!  I was delaying my workouts until 9 or 10am and sometimes 3pm, the worst part of my day energy wise.  I did my workouts but it was harder at those times.  My body wants to workout before the sun comes up!  Anyway, I was able to get back to that schedule this week because of the above 40 temps overnight.  Yeah!  It felt so good!  


I should also tell you I do not have time to fit my walk in each morning.  I always do some form of cardio on strength days following my strength session.  It might be a quick 5 minute finisher like 30s of burpees on the minute every minute for 5 minutes or a 10 minute finisher where I just do whatever cardio move comes to mind in a tabata format (20s of work, 10s of rest).  My walk is during the tough part of my day, around 3:30-4:30PM.  I like it there because I am usually low on energy and craving food (I swear I am always hungry) and walking at that time wakes me up and distracts my mind from thinking of food!  


I do not eat before I workout at these early times.  I do have a few sips of coffee (I have cold coffee everyday all year so it is easy to just take a few sips and put it back in the fridge until my workout is complete).  That is it though, I take my dog for a quick walk to warm up and I go straight to the garage.  


I use either my IPhone or my laptop for the workout videos.  I am pretty blessed in that I have a husband who works from home so we have the absolute best internet.  It is so fast so I never have issues with YouTube videos.  I know that can be a cause for frustration for many who workout at home.  


So I warm up, do the strength part of my workout, then the cardio finisher and I am done within 30-45 minutes.  


The graphic outlines my workout this week.  I was not terribly specific and if you wish to get more info. please comment below this or email me at


I do want to share the videos I did this past week.  They were all good and from You Tube Channels I use for workouts all the time.  


Tuesday I did a Pilates Glute Focused Video (10 minutes) -


Thursday I did a Cardio Video -


Friday I did a Lower Abs Video -


I did not add that I stretch a lot these days!  I either stretch, foam roll, and/or do a yoga video almost everyday.  This particular week I did not have the time to do a yoga video but I have done so many now that I incorporate many yoga poses in my stretch routine.  I stretch anywhere from 10-20 minutes just about every day.  I find stretching/mobility work a MUST at this point in my life!  I am starting to think about getting old and how I want to workout till I die.  I truly think the only way I will be able to do that is if I take care of my body with restorative exercises like yoga and stretching daily.  Make time for it, I insist!  Once you stick to a consistent schedule of stretching or body work and reap the rewards you will wonder why you have not been doing it for years!


Make today great and dream big!





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