Stress, It Is Not Always Bad, In Fact, It Can Give Meaning To Your Life

So today I have something to share that I really think is worth a listen!  Seriously, please listen to this snipet, about 13 minutes, from a talk Dr. Kelly McGonigal gives about stress and how it absolutely can have a POSITIVE IMPACT on your life! 


This snipet is from Sean Croxton's podcast, The Quote of the Day Show.  He is a genius and I highly recommend his podcast so listen to this and then look him up and start to follow him.  


Stress can be POSITIVE, what?  I know, I am not one to believe stress is good for any of us and I have talked about it in my posts and challenges.  My head is spinning a bit after listening to this just now while I am sitting at a busy coffee shop working on meal plans and being stressed about getting them done!  


She turns the tables on us and talks about what the research shows about stress and it has to do with HOW WE LOOK AT STRESS.  If we look at it negatively it affects us negatively (adrenal fatigue, low energy, low ambition, weight gain, etc.) and if we look at it in a POSITIVE LIGHT it gives us a lot of meaning in life AND we do not suffer the consequences as readily as if we looked at it negatively.  


Wow!  This makes my head spin but really it shouldn't.  I mean I talk about mindset all the time and how our mindset determines our outcomes, why should it be different when we think of stress?  I think the word "stress" makes us cringe so we immediately go down the negative path.  I for one am going to challenge myself to look at it much differently starting NOW!  


I took 2 years off of work when we moved to Seattle and then last year I started up the Clean & Lean Challenges.  I was lost those 2 years, in terms of my worth in the professional world.  I mean, I spent a lot of money to get an BS & MS in Exercise Physiology and I was doing nothing with the degrees (and thousands of dollars spent on my education).  I was not spreading my passion of fitness and health at all and it bothered me a lot!  


Starting the challenges last year brought a whole new level of stress into my life but I felt that piece of my soul that was missing was refreshed even though it was rather stressful.  I did not look at it positively though, I let it get to me and it affected my family.  It is weird when you think about it, I am a very positive person EXCEPT when I think about stress.  Hmmm, this is shining a light on an area that needs improvement!  


I wonder if I had looked at the stress as a positive booster to get me revved up and excited to spread my message and make an impact on people's lives, if I would have struggled less and if my family would have seen a difference?  I bet it would have and I am excited to try starting now!


Please listen, again here is the link to Sean's podcast episode featuring Dr. Kelly McGonigal,  



Do you need a mindset shift when it comes to stress?  I bet we all do to some extent.   I think the first step is to recognize when we are being negative about something stressful in our lives.  We have to "catch" ourselves and make the mindshift.  It is a lot easier said then done but I am up for the CHALLENGE!  


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