My Sunday Prep & 3 Freezer Meals

I am definitely not perfect at meal prepping every weekend but when I really spend a better part of an afternoon in the kitchen prepping, my week is a piece of cake when it comes to choosing clean, healthy food!  It is so worth it!  


See below for 3 easy freezer recipes that take little prep and are super tasty!  I did a meal plan prep party with these 3 slow cooker recipes, enjoy the grocery list too!  


Here is what I like to prep each week as a general rule:


*6-8 Hard boiled eggs (great as snacks or part of a quick meal on the go)


*Taco meat with grass fed ground beef, my kids favorite, I always try to have some in the freezer


*Chicken - I throw about 2 lbs of chicken breast and thighs in my Instant Pot and shred it to have for any meal during the week


*Freeze banana chunks for smoothies


*A soup, right now we are way into chili so I make at least 1-2 pots of it for the week or to freeze.  If not chili we love minestrone.  Basically in the winter I like to prep a soup each Sunday.


*Breakfast is either preparing egg muffins or a frittata which can also be a dinner


*Paleo loaf of bread or banana bread (my kids love to just take a slice of bread to school)


Slow Cooker Meal Plan Party #1.pdf
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