The Importance of Home Cooked Meals



Did you know if you eat 3 meals per day for the next 365 days you are looking at 1,095 meals!  Coming up with that many healthy, home cooked meals probably sounds overwhelming.  I bet you have 1,000 other things on your plate, from kids activities to work and finding time to exercise!  However, it is important to realize health starts at home and our collective health depends on consuming quality, nourishing, homemade food.  It is crazy, we don’t teach our kids to cook anymore.  They are learning our bad habits and the generational decline happening is scary.  It is time to make homecooking a priority and get your kids involved so they can teach their kids and on and on.   


I am not saying homecooking is easy, it is a process for sure.  First you need to shift priorities and consciously, mindfully, start planning ahead for your meals.  Left to last minute meals, we are human, we grab for processed, microwaveable food or go through a drive thru.  Both of which are silently causing inflammation and damage to our insides, weight gain, and sapping our bodies of essential nutrients.


I have 2 solutions to offer up and you may not like either but it is our reality.  One, use a meal kit delivery service.  You can find great options out there but it will cost you (cheaper than a personal chef:).  Two, try meal planning and prepping, eating home cooked, nourishing meals.  Hint: you could join one of my challenges where I do the meal planning for you!


Meal prep saves you stress, money, and ultimately time because the basic idea is to take a few hours on the weekend and get as much food prepped as you can which frees up time during the week.  Ultimately the whole idea behind meal prep is to make your life easier, not harder!


Here are some tips for you to get started:

  1. Start small, start with your most challenging meal.  Get that right and build upon it.  

  2. Invest in a slow cooker or instant pot if you have not already, lifesaver!  Also, food storage containers are a must for both the fridge and freezer.

  3. Think simple, healthy recipes.  Pinterest is a great place to find recipes (don’t get caught up in all the unhealthy recipes, search for clean recipes).  

  4. Cook one recipe and eat it 2-3x.  Embrace leftovers, they are seriously a lifesaver! I recommend casseroles, slow cooker meals, one sheet pan dinners.  

  5. Set aside 2-4 hours on the weekend to prep the meals or prep staples.  Any prep is better than no prep.  I guarantee during the week you will be so happy you did!


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    Lori Boyle (Saturday, 23 June 2018 19:11)

    Hey Kim,
    Reading more of your info. You are so "spot on."
    I know you were finishing up your classes in June, hope it finished up well for you. Would love to know when you might be having a new challenge. It is a super motivator for me.
    Best to you and your family!