7 Day Holiday Clean Eating Challenge

 Registration is Closed.  Next Challenge Begins Jan. 6, 2020 - The Little Black Dress Project!  Stay tuned for more info.

Challenge Runs Dec. 2nd - 8th, 2019

*Price:  $15.00 (those that took part in the Freezer Meal Challenge will receive a $5 coupon code in their email to put towards this registration).

*7 days of simple, clean meals to help propel you along your clean eating journey!  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes will be provided for you all 7 days, along with a detailed grocery shopping list.  Lunch is mainly made up of leftovers or salad suggestions.  There will be suggestions made for healthy snacks you can have on hand.  

*Designed for anyone looking to clean up their diet.  We eliminate common inflammatory foods to help your body heal from the inside out and create true nourishment (what your body craves)!

*You can expect wholesome, nutrient dense, recipes void of gluten, dairy, most grains, all artificial sugars, soy, and trans fats.  Expect animal proteins, healthy fats and oils, healthy carbohydrates, spices, and fruits & veggies, emphasis on veggies!  Please note, my goal is to NOT overwhelm you with all of the deletions.  I want to meet you where you are at.  This is a group challenge yes but also, a personal challenge.  If you simply want to delete gluten but not dairy right now, it is ok.  Do not let that stop you from signing up.  

*Daily motivational emails to help keep you engaged and inspired to make healthy choices.

*Meal Planning Prep guide for each week 

*An optional daily exercise challenge is included.  I love quick 5 minute core challenges so each day I will send you a follow along video.  You can do it as a stand alone workout, as a finisher to your workout, or include it in your workout.  Whatever works for you!  Also, I will be providing you 2 written home based workouts you can do with no equipment, perfect for the busy holidays!

*An optional gratitude challenge is included.  I will provide a prompt each day in my daily email.  You can use that prompt or practice gratitude with your own ideas.  There is no right or wrong!

*Follow along on our private Facebook page during the 7 days for extra motivation and accountability!