Clean & Lean upcoming Challenges

stay tuned for registration to open for the jan. 1st clean & lean challenge 2018 (mid december).  this will be an all new challenge with recipes as well as an exercise incentive component!  it is sure to help you start the new year off right!

current challenge - tehaleh 2 week challenge

A Paleo Influenced SIMPLE Clean Eating Challenge designed to help you cut the sugar, control the cravings, and increase your energy!

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What is the clean & lean?

You’ve fallen off track and life is just crazy with family and work and everything else!

I bet you are feeling an energy slump, maybe bloated and tired especially in the afternoon.  Maybe you dream of that next coffee all day long.  These are signs you need to change something and soon!

The Fall is in full swing and the holidays are quickly approaching.  It is a GREAT time to reign it in, create some healthier habits around food choices, BEFORE Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe, just maybe, you will feel so good after this 2 week challenge that you will want to continue throughout the holiday season.  It could be the motivation you have been looking for!

So are you ready to take your health, more specifically your nutrition, into your own hands and make some changes?  Join me as I take you for a 2 week clean eating, paleo influenced journey!  I will lead you through a meal plan and a daily lifestyle blueprint that if lived consistently, will create amazing results in your life!  Lifestyle changes will be addressed but the main focus will be on whole, nutrient dense food choices and recipes.

I believe this way of eating can be sustained for lifelong and that honestly is what we all need to find, a healthy way to CONSISTENTLY eat nutrient dense, healing, whole foods and I hope you find that in the recipes I will be sharing with you! 

I believe we all have it inside of us to make lasting change!  I believe we will not die from cutting out sugar!!  I believe the SKY IS THE LIMIT for you!  Let's GO!  There is no better time then NOW!  

Please check out the FAQ page.  If questions are not answered please email me at  When registration opens, you will be able to register directly below this paragraph.  Definitely check out the Testimonials page too!  Thank you for reading and considering me as your coach!  I would love the opportunity to work with you! 

*If you are curious about some of my recipes, check out them out in the last few Land Above magazines.