Who is this for?  

Anyone really!  If you desire to eat better but need a little push, this is the program for you.  If you need some recipes to help you get started eating whole, nutrient dense foods, this is for you.  If you need a coach but can't afford one on one nutrition counseling, this is for you.  Truly, I can't think of anyone who would not benefit from eating clean foods!  There is not calorie or macro counting.  The whole idea is to learn portion control all while listening to your body and fueling in a healthy way when hungry.  


A few important questions to ask yourself.......

Am I ready to make lasting changes to my diet and lifestyle?

Is/Are my goal or goals lighting a FIRE inside of me?  


Change is hard especially changes to your food/diet which you have spent a lifetime perfecting right? You MUST have a strong WHY!  You have to be ready and willing because I am asking you to cut out or change some favorite daily habits like only 1 black coffee daily, no artificial sugars, no processed foods, limit dairy quite a bit, and eliminate or limit gluten.  I just told you all the things we are cutting out but I promise what you get to ADD to your diet will make all the difference to your health and energy levels!  GREENS, FRUIT, VEGETABLES, LEAN MEATS, FISH, and delicious recipes to go along with these foods that I bet you think are boring.  Not at all!  You can enjoy wonderful, flavorful meals eating clean!  Spices and homemade sauces make all the difference in the world!  Most people are so surprised how you can make veggies taste good with different spices and different cooking options.  You will discover new ways to cook and probably discover some new veggies you never tried before!  


The other change that can catch people by surprise is the time in the kitchen.  If you are not a kitchen person but want to feel better there is only one response I have for you, become a kitchen person (or shell out the money to have meals brought in).  You will have prep time each week.  It is proven over and over again, if you desire to be healthy from the inside out you have to plan and prep your food.  Grab and go does not work well in the human race!  We are wired to choose poorly almost all of the time.  Let me help you find some recipes that can become staples in your house so you choose wisely more often.  Small steps will bring about lasting change!  You can do it!


What do I get?

*Daily, done for you meal plans (length depends on the challenge)

*all your materials are conveniently delivered via email so you will have everything at your finger tips.  Each week is delivered separately on Wednesday for the upcoming week.  

*weekly grocery lists to keep you organized, just print and go!

*Weekly prep tips to help you save some time in the kitchen

*Healthy, tasty whole food, clean recipes

*Ideas for substitutions on most but not all recipes

*Access to our Private Challenge Facebook page where we will post motivation, quotes, educational videos/articles on health and wellness, etc. each day to keep you motivated and on track, this will be our HUB of activity (this is so HUGE, we have a very active FB community and you must be a member to be part of it)

*Motivation, Inspiration, Accountability, Humor, Education, and the chance to meet like minded people looking to achieve what you are (that connection is priceless)

*Access to me anytime throughout the program, I am very hands on, this is not a computer generated program, I am very active daily on the FB community 


What it is and isn't?  

IT IS:  

This is a simple and safe lifestyle eating plan (you could eat this way for lifelong).  It is a clean eating, whole food, nutrient dense meal plan full of delicious recipes that focus on eliminating artificial sugars, gluten, and most dairy.  There will be suggestions for those of you who do not have issues with gluten or dairy but in general, I suggest you cut them out to be super clean and reduce inflammation in your body.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be given to you along with a detailed grocery shopping list.  It is also an educational program in that I will provide countless tips for for eating clean, prepping your food faster, how to read nutrition labels, what to avoid, and how to portion control.  



A diet!  I do not believe in diets.  97% of diets fail which is not good news and why I don't believe in them!  Nope, no diet and no calorie or macro counting.  It just does not work, simple, straightforward, and the unfortunately the hard truth.  


What kind of recipes should I expect? 

You will receive an E-book full of flavorful recipes following a clean eating lifestyle meaning lots of veggies and some fruits, lean proteins, fish, some healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats.  Some recipes are easier than others but I really tried to make sure they are not over the top.  I always try to keep in mind that people are generally so busy and need easy meals as much as possible.  The meal plan is centered around lean meats and veggies.  Expect salads, soups, and grilled meats or seafood with sides of veggies for dinner.  You will have smoothies for breakfast along with optional egg muffins or pancakes (gluten free) if you need more calories then what a smoothie provides you.  You will have a daily snack that consists of fruit and nuts, maybe Greek yogurt once in a while, protein bars, and veggie sticks (that is a small list, there is a quite a list of snacks).  Lunch is usually leftovers but we also have a few salads for lunch, lettuce wraps, turkey wraps, and soup.  We dress up the meats with flavorful spices and the salads with homemade salad dressings.  They are good and really make the dish.  Like I said earlier, eating clean is delicious, you just need to learn how to flavor the food in a healthy way!  

 What if I can not eat certain foods, are there substitutions offered?

 Many times there are substitutions offered and when there is not, I am an email away!  In general think protein for a protein, green vegetable for another green vegetable, when in doubt of something like a spice, leave it out!  It is really pretty simple, you just need to plan ahead and change the grocery list.


Are there any kitchen appliances I need to make this meal plan work?  

***You need a high powered blender for smoothies for my challenges.  If you do not like smoothies but still want to take part in the challenge I can give you ideas but you will have to change the grocery list on your own.  


*A slow cooker or Instant Pot


A good set of knives is always important when cooking and a good vegetable peeler would be beneficial. PLEASE NOTE:  CONTACT KIM BEFORE PURCHASING ANY HIGHER END PRODUCTS TO MAKE SURE IT IS ON THE MEAL PLAN FOR THAT PARTICULAR CHALLENGE.  


How long do the recipes take to prepare each night?  

You will need to devote some time into prepping meals 1 or 2 days per week.  If you prep (cut up veggies and cook meats in a big batch when possible) you will cut down on nightly meal prep.  You do not have to have "prep" days, you can prep each night but I promise you, it is so much easier to have prepped your food so it is ready to go when you get home from work.  There is no reason to sugar coat this, eating homemade healthy meals takes away some of that convenience factor we have grown accustomed to in our busy lives.  The convenience meals are killing us slowly so trust me in saying that it will take more time but the time is worth it and you WILL learn how to do it quicker as you get used to cooking at home and prepping.  I like to prep 2 days a week, I grocery shop Sunday morning for Sunday-Wednesday and prep those meals Sunday afternoon/evening.  I then shop Wednesday for Thursday-Saturday and prep on Wednesday night.  It is a learning process for everyone.  I can tell you, the successful people who eat healthy, whole food meals find out how to make this work in their lives.


Will I lose weight on this meal plan? 

Remember, this is NOT A DIET PLAN, it is a LIFESTYLE PLAN! However, the answer is YES you will lose weight IF YOU FOLLOW THE PLAN!  My experience has been that those that follow the plan almost to the T and exercise can expect to drop 5-12 lbs. (if really depends on if you are male or female and how much weight you have to lose and the length of the challenge).  If you make a lot of substitutions on your own I am not going to say whether you will or not.  I can tell you that 100% you will feel better eating this way, that is a no brainer!


What will this meal plan cost at the grocery store?  

It will vary week to week and it will be more expensive if you do not currently eat this way.  I will be asking/suggesting you purchase grass fed and organic proteins as well as organic fruits and veggies.  You can still do this meal plan without eating organic but I hope I can convince you otherwise.  Trader Joe's is a great place to shop for most of the items.  You may need to go to a few stores to begin with until you get used to who carries what and get your pantry stocked up.  Honestly, it may require a mindshift in your spending.  What you put in your body is much more valuable then the clothes you buy for your body.  Just something to think about.  It has been a hard shift for me but now I get it after following this type of eating for a while now, it is totally worth the money!


Can I share this with my friend?  

Please purchase your own program.  I take a lot of pride in the work involved and I ask you to not share this with anyone.  Refer them and have them purchase their own.  I so appreciate you understanding this.


What if I am traveling during the challenge, can I still make this work? 

This is a huge concern as so many people travel for work either a few days here and there or a week at a time.  This is doable, you have to put in the effort but it is doable.  I will work with you to help you plan for your trip and prepare some healthy snacks and small meals you can take with you.  I always suggest getting a room with a refrigerator if at all possible.  If you travel a lot then the time will NEVER be right.  You can always find an excuse.  You have to learn how to eat on the road and I know I can assist you with that along with many of the past participants who have successfully figured it out.  They are more of the experts then me since I do not travel.


Do you offer any exercise advice?  Shouldn't exercise be part of the challenge?

I do offer exercise advice.   I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years so I promise you, even though it is not the focus on this challenge, you will hear me talk about it A LOT!  If you really are looking for an individualized program I do work with clients one on one to set those up.  You can also check out my YouTube channel for some home based workouts with little to no equipment.  You can also access my workout videos here.


I am not on Facebook, is that ok? 

Absolutely it is ok!  I never would push anyone to join FB, I get it 100% and sometimes wish I could get away with not being on FB!  You will miss some of the FUN community involvement and sharing of stories and articles.  You will still get all the pertinent materials to be very successful in this challenge.