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*Fit For Fall Challenge runs Monday, October 1 - Sunday, October 21st.  Registration opens Monday, September 17th.  

*21 days of simple, clean meals to help propel you along your clean eating journey!  Breakfast and dinner recipes will be provided for you all 21 days, along with a detailed grocery shopping list.  Lunch is mainly made up of leftovers or salad suggestions.  

*Designed for anyone looking to clean up their diet.  We eliminate common inflammatory foods to help your body heal from the inside out!

*Expect wholesome, nutrient dense, simple meals void of gluten, dairy, grains, all artificial sugars, soy, and trans fats.  Expect animal proteins, healthy fats and oils, healthy carbohydrates, spices, and fruits & veggies, emphasis on veggies!  PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  the first 2 days of the challenge we will do a modified detox which is always optional.  We will make a bit pot of a detox soup, big green salads, green smoothies, herbal teas, and A LOT of lemon water!  Protein can easily be added for family members or even yourself, remember it is optional and modifiable.  It is a fantastic way to jumpstart your 21 day journey!

*Educational videos on health and wellness topics that will help you along your health journey (digestion, blood sugar balance, healthy fats, cooking tips)

*Meal Planning Prep guide for each week 

*Fall Exercise Incentive Challenge included (optional)!  If you need that motivate to move your body, this will be an invaluable addition!  

*If you are looking for motivation to stick to a meal plan then you are in the right place!  I recently did a survey and the #1 reason people have enjoyed my clean eating challenges is for the accountability!  The group dynamic is powerful and our Facebook Private Group is where we share photos of our meals and share about our daily experience.

*Price:  $40.00 

*Follow along on our private Facebook page during the 21 days for extra motivation and accountability!  FB is highly recommended for this challenge as that is where the daily communication takes place. 

Fit For Fall Registration

21 Day Clean Eating Challenge