27. May 2018
Costco is finally open here in Bonney Lake, WA! I am making a wild guess, I think most of you will do some (or a LOT) of your shopping there! For that reason I want to share a few of my favorite “clean” pantry items at Costco. I strive for the best option available and I am always going to go for organic, the least processed, wild caught, pasture raised, non-GMO foods. Are there better, cleaner options out there? Sure but there are not many options in Bonney Lake! Costco is right around the...

27. May 2018
Try making these delicious tuna cakes and store in the fridge for a quick meal.
11. February 2018
Home cooking is such an important piece of living a healthy life. It has become a lost art really. It is time to get back in the kitchen and teach our next generation as well.

01. February 2018
Get my favorite foods to prep on Sundays as well as 3 great freezer meal recipes for a slow cooker.

27. October 2017
Check out more information about my upcoming Fall Clean Eating 2 Week Challenge Nov. 6th- 19th.

15. June 2017
Stress in my mind is bad and I talk constantly about how we all need to lower our stress. Well let me challenge you to look at it differently after listening to this 13 minute snipet from Dr. Kelly McGonigal. It is so powerful! It could honestly change your life!

17. February 2017
Happy Friday Friends! I will be honest, blogging has been my nemesis. I so want to do it but I am afraid I can not stick to a consistent schedule so I have just not even tried. Well, no more! I am going to make a plan and do my best to stick with it. I love to share, teach, inspire, and coach people to make healthy habits a reality and I can not think of a better way then blogging (well in person would be the best but that is not my reality these days:). I am still formulating my blogging...

13. March 2015
Hello Everyone! I love when I find a recipe for something that my whole family can enjoy and it is halfway healthy! These larabars are really good and I am so glad I found the recipe (thank you Fem Fusion). I honestly have never thought to try dates, they are ugly looking, like raisins! I prefer to use Medjool dates but for this batch I tried a cheaper version, the Sunsweet Dates I found near the raisins at the grocery store.

11. March 2015
Happy Hump Day Everyone! I can not believe it is Wednesday already. I have a simple, effective MRT Circuit workout for you today. MRT stands for Metabolic Resistance Training. MRT training is "HOT" right now. This form of training, if done with intensity, takes the place of boring cardio workouts. You DO NOT have to spend hours running or at the gym. I can attest to this as I was a cardio queen, more like a running queen for so many years. This past year I have been forced to try relying on MRT...

27. November 2013
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I pray you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving Holiday with your family! I would not be doing my job if I did not talk about exercise and food before the big day. My advice for a traditional eating day like Thanksgiving is to eat but watch portion sizes, only fill your plate one time, go for more veggies and plain turkey, 1 dinner roll, 1 small piece of pie (1 TBSP whipped topping), drink lots of water, 1 glass of alcohol, and EXERCISE preferrably when you get up...

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