A new year, a new decade, a new chapter in your life that needs to be written.  Are you ready to take your health into your own hands and make some lasting change in 2020?  If you are reading this, YES, a big YES!!

The Little Black Dress Project is here for you!  It is a 3 or 6 week clean eating & weight loss journey!  I will coach you through weekly meal plans and a daily lifestyle blueprint that if lived consistently, will create amazing results in your life!

*PLEASE NOTE:  the first 3 weeks is a weight loss program developed for women.  If you want the men in your life to partake or you do not want to cook 2 meals, you will need to increase the serving sizes for the meals.  The daily caloric intake is around 1700-1800 cals/day.  For those that are very active, this amount may need to be increased.  I can help you adjust.  The meal plan is a guide, not set in stone.  The second 3 weeks is NOT focused on weight loss, it is focused on maintenance (some of you will still see some weight loss too) and clean eating for sustainability.  


Registration opens Friday, Dec. 27th, 2019

Prices:  $40.00 for the first 3 weeks, $70.00 for all 6 weeks


*Option for a 3 or 6 week challenge

*Done for you weekly meal plans

*Done for you detailed grocery shopping lists

*Meal Prep Guide for each weekly meal plan

*Success Manual

*2 day detox at the very beginning of the challenge, 1500 calories/day (this is optional), it is a great way to give your digestive organs a break and have a fresh start

*Access to our private FB group

*Daily motivational and educational emails (education pieces will be geared toward how to lose weight so it lasts)

*Healthy Habits incentive points challenge (optional) - Includes exercise, daily water intake, and more!

*Accountability partners (optional) - I will help find a buddy for you to check in with during the challenge, this is such an important piece of the puzzle if you struggle with sticking to it

I believe in making HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGES that last!  I believe we all need support and encouragement on this health journey!  I believe we all have it inside of us to make lasting change!  I believe we will not die from cutting out sugar!!  I believe the SKY IS THE LIMIT for you!  Let's GO!  There is no better time than NOW!  

If questions are not answered please email me at kmaxfit@gmail.com.  When registration opens, you will be able to register directly below this paragraph.  Definitely check out the Testimonials page too!  Thank you for reading and considering me as your coach!  I would love the opportunity to work with you!

You can check out the FAQ page for questions related to my clean eating challenges.