Online Women's MaxFit Bootcamp                                  "Beta" Challenge

LBD Members - MaxFit 4 week Online Bootcamp Challenge

LBD Members Only Price - 4 week online bootcamp, a total of 12 video based workouts delivered to your inbox.  Join between Monday, June 5th & Friday, June 9th to receive a FREE bonus meal plan with all new recipes!


MaxFit 4 Week Online Bootcamp Challenge

New Member Price - 4 week online bootcamp, a total of 12 video based workouts delivered to your inbox


Join me, Kim Maxwell, as I teach an online, video based bootcamp challenge for 4 weeks from the comforts of your own home.  I am doing "beta" testing as I have never done this before so requiring, in exchange for offering you a discounted rate, you will give me feedback.  *In order for beta testing to work I need a minimum of 25 participants to run the program.  If I do not get that number you will receive a full refund.  


This idea has been around for 3 years and I am finally getting to it!  3 years ago my family was transferred from our home in MN to the Seattle area.  In MN I had a thriving women's bootcamp business and I can not express how hard it was to give up.  The women asked if I would put some videos together and I have put a few together here and there but I now am getting serious about launching online bootcamp classes or challenges more regularly.  The video camera is no longer scaring me PLUS sometimes we just need to JUMP into our fears!  I have put this off because I do not have fancy equipment and I do not have a videographer.  It is me and my I-phone in my garage or at a park, that is it.  You will get the real me, raw and slightly unedited!  What I can promise you is a GREAT, quality workout and that is what matters!


So what will you get?  This is a 4 week challenge running Monday, July 3rd through Friday, July 28th.  You may be asking WHY start on the 3rd with the holiday?  I know many of you, not all of you, want to workout during the 4th holiday because of maybe eating a bit more so I will have an answer for you!  The first 2 workouts on the 3rd & 5th will be body weight only so if you are traveling, in a hotel room, at a campsite, wherever you can do it.  I tend to try not to use holidays as an excuse because we have to figure out how to make this stuff work.  There is a holiday almost every month so you best get a strategy!


You will receive 12 workouts, all video based and a pdf version in case you want to do the workout at the gym without video.  Please note the Exercise Library will be videos, not photos.  In the future I would like to offer both options.  


The workout schedule will be up to you but I will recommend either M,W,F or T, Th, Sa.  I am going to use M,W,F in the program and you will have access to the video for the upcoming workout the day before.  


All videos will then be archived in the Members Only page which is private and only you can access at any time during the challenge.  These videos will not be available anywhere else online.  


Each video will be shorter than 15 minutes.  If the workout is not long enough for you, especially if you are more advanced, I will suggest you do the video a 2nd time OR perform a 5 minute core routine video I will provide as well.   


The videos will jump right into the workouts, no warmups.  I will provide a warm up video to get an idea of what I would like you to do but it will be up to you to warm up.  Same for cool down, it is so important to stretch and I will provide a 5 minute post workout stretch video.


Equipment you will need:  mat, dumbbells (please have at least 2 different weights, 3 would be optimal:  8lbs, 12 lbs, 15 lbs. is an example of what I suggest to most).


Bootcamp is a more intense type of activity so please be advised.  I recommend this for women who are currently exercising, not brand new to working out.  If you have injuries be prepared to skip certain exercises or make adjustments.  I will do my best to give lower intensity options for most exercises.  


I will be trying out a variety of workout formats over the 12 workouts but you can bet there will be tabata training and HIIT training as well as Metabolic Resistance Training.  No two workouts will be alike!  I definitely love variety in my own training so you will get that too!


What I expect from you?  This is a much reduced rate because it is "beta" testing so I ask that you commit to the following:

1.  Do the workouts in the order they are released.

2.  Fill out the survey I provide you at the end of the challenge.  


I hope you will join me in my first ever online bootcamp challenge!  I love that you can do this from the comforts of your own home!  Having workouts that you can quickly access at home is super convenient and you can get your kids involved this summer!  Double win!  


Please email me if you have any questions.