personal & small group training for women in my home garage in tehaleh

I am excited to offer one on one personal training AND small group fitness training (3 max) in my home garage gym in Tehaleh!


I specialize in weight training, HIIT training, TRX training, and Kettlebell training for women.  I will review your goals and customize a program for you.  I am not a straight sets kind of personal trainer.  I love to train like it is a bootcamp class so it is never boring.  I also love music so bring your phone and plug it in so you can workout to your personal music that motivates you!  


If you have some friends to split the cost I will customize a circuit bootcamp style workout for the 3 of you to keep you all moving for the hour!  I think this is the best way to workout, with your friends, which creates a lot of motivation and FUN!


If you are NEW to personal training with me, please email me before paying for a session at  



Your first session is always FREE! 


1 hour Personal Training - $15.00 (you can pay for multiple sessions, please talk to me first)


30 minute Personal Training - $8.00 (very focused, we will work hard)


1 hour small group training (max of 3 participants) - $8/person


I hope you are thinking these are CHEAP rates, I hope!  They are very cheap for personal training and the reason is you are coming to me, I LOVE what I do, I am not doing this to make a lot of money, and I do not want fitness to break your bank.  To be honest, as a nutrition coach, I want you spending your budget on quality food because I believe nutrition plays a much bigger role in our longevity and overall health and wellness then even fitness (don't misunderstand, fitness is super important but as we age, our nutrition plays a much bigger role and I would rather you have the budget to choose high quality foods).


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other information


I am able to allow children to come with you as long as you have something to occupy them (or if they are smaller, they could sit in a stroller near us).  The garage will be chillier in the winter so I can open up my door to the mud room and let them sit in there and play on the carpet (there is a bathroom right there too:).  


SMALL GROUP TRAINING (2-3 people max). Price per person for 1 hour



One-on-one Personal Training with Kim for 30 or 60 minutes

These are introductory prices for the remainder of 2017.  


8 session punchcard + 1 Free Session (can be used for a 30 minute private session or an hour group session)