Summer 7 Day Re-Fresher 2019

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Challenge Runs July 22-28, 2019

*Registration opens online, right here on this page, Monday, July 15th.

*7 days of simple, clean meals to help propel you along your clean eating journey!  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes will be provided for you all 7 days, along with a detailed grocery shopping list.  Lunch is mainly made up of leftovers or salad suggestions.  There will be suggestions made for healthy snacks you can have on hand.  

*Designed for anyone looking to clean up their diet.  We eliminate common inflammatory foods to help your body heal from the inside out and create true nourishment (what your body craves)!

*You can expect wholesome, nutrient dense, recipes.  There will be animal proteins, healthy fats and oils, healthy carbohydrates, spices, and fruits & veggies, emphasis on veggies!  Please note, my passion is to decrease the amount of processed foods and SUGAR from your daily diet.  I do not want to overwhelm you.  I want to meet you where you are at.  This is a group challenge but also a personal challenge.  For example, let's say you snack in the morning, afternoon, and after dinner.  My meal plan only has 1 snack/day.  That may overwhelm you.  My coaching would be to pick one of your daily snacks and work on deleting that snack and master that first and then go to that second snack and work on deleting that.  My philosophy is that we should not have to snack, our 3 main meals should be so satiating we do not even think about snacking!!!  I will be talking a lot about this!  This clean eating thing is a journey but an important one!  

*Daily motivational emails to help keep you engaged and inspired to make healthy choices.

*Meal Planning Prep guide included

*Two optional Exercise Incentive Challenges are included!  If you need that motivation to move your body, this will be an invaluable addition!  The challenges:  1) a daily 4-5 minute CORE challenge.  I will provide a daily follow along video.  This is to supplement your regular workout, not to take the place of.  2) a walk or jog challenge in which you are challenging yourself to get outside each day and walk or jog (or a little of both) for at least 1 mile. 

*Follow along on our private Facebook page during the 7 days for extra motivation and accountability!